I just finished a book regarding the CIA.

The book, “The Secret History of the CIA” by Joseph Trento, tells the story of the CIA from the beginning to roughly the early 1980s.  And in the end, what I learned was a lesson I already knew.  And an odd, disturbing twist.

Government has a single purpose, above and beyond what most people think:  Self-perpetuation.  This includes nearly all facets of government, from schools to major agencies.  Each government agency likes to intertwine itself into the fabric of life, whether the former Soviet Union or the local DMV office.  At some level, there is a bureaucrat whose existence is predicated on doing something to ensure his agency gets more money and power.  Never does a bureaucrat ever say, “We solved this problem and let’s shut down and save the tax payer some money.”

There are parts of the government apparatus that I felt wouldn’t have such a need.  For example, intelligence services.  It goes without saying that they are there to protect our national interests.  But what I realized is they are no different than any other agency.  Only one huge difference:  They have the clout to cite something as of national security interest so it become classified and is nearly unreachable by the masses.

In doing so, they become the basis of power.  The duplicitous nature of our intelligence services serving “in the name of the country” when driven by men who are in it for power and self enrichment is astounding.  And the way people were vetted for important positions was astounding.

Needless to say, I think there are some awesome movie plots within the realm of the book. In some ways, it reminds me of the Kevin Costner movie, No Way Out.  In the movie, Kevin Costner is tasked with searching for a KGB mole in the Pentagon after a murder.  Only, the murder wasn’t committed by a mole.  And the KGB mole is Costner.  The creation of a patsy was to protect an official.  Turns out, fact isn’t far from fiction.

And so goes the way of government.  It sacrifices the good in order for the better political players to get ahead.  And all in the name “national security”.

Well, there goes the neighboorhood!

There goes the neighborhood. 

Seems I had been using Exabytes to run my lightly used domain.  However, it turns out that service has been horrible.  I had been using them to host my website and, more importantly, my email  But the problem was, my email was constantly down and bouncing. 

After some searching, I have a new host and hopefully it will be better.  And perahps I can rejuvinate my entries into the site.