Dog Gate Design Flaws

We have a dog and while he is quite friendly, he’s also loud and solid and fast. He tends to scare people and he loves to chase the rabbits that scour the neighborhood.

So we have placed a gate in the house. Unfortunately, it is held to the wall with friction using a bolt that expands and presses into the wall. This is all fine and good, but with 7 people running around the house, plus guests and the dog jumping up on it, the friction tends to break loose every once in a while.

This has put a hole in the wall and scraped up the paint on the wall due to it moving. Enter a design to help with that. I created two parts. The first part is meant to spread out the surace area of the pucks. While the small pads might do fine with a lightly used door, it does not do well with a fully functioning house with multiple kids opening and closing the dog door.

The second part is to keep the walls from being marred and adding more friction to the wall so they don’t move as much. To provide more grip and prevent damage to the walls, it is printed using a flexible filament.

Here’s a picture of the parts, up close, assembled and in service.

Since installing, I have had far much less movement on the dog door.

The parts are available on Thingiverse.

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